About feeling insignificant

Recently, I acquired a new lens for use in Real Estate photography. While I was researching it, I learned that it is a pretty popular lens among certain astrophotographers, so once the lens arrived I was really looking forward to trying to capture the night sky.

This weekend, we had a relatively clear night so I decided to head out to shoot the stars with a friend of mine. Astrophotography is very new to me, and despite the fact that I went into this shoot with about zero location research, I am still happy with the outcome. As I was editing these images, zooming in and getting a more detailed glimpse into the vastness of the stars in the night sky, I couldn’t help but feel a little insignificant. It was just humbling to see how much of a small part of the universe that we are. I know this is not new information and it is a bit simple-minded, but it is still true. I feel like our society tends to create incredibly self-centered people, and the era of social media makes us care too little about those we come in contact with and too much about how others perceive us. It is important to keep in mind that you are a very small part of the world around you and that your life is much richer when you decide to become a part of something, rather than living your life for your advantage alone. We all have our times of weakness, so be thoughtful of others. Take time to listen, and to give. Avoid the conflict, break down the walls, and show someone that they matter to you.








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